School Improvement Plan

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Goal #1:

Provide more opportunities for students to learn outside.


Children’s health, development, learning, and well-being have been seriously compromised by decades of changes that have dramatically altered childhood. Key among these changes has been a significantly reduced amount of time spent outdoors, which is linked to a number of other detrimental trends. Our goal will  have the power to address these challenges by providing rich and engaging outdoor learning experiences.

Focuses on the Core Competency of Communication ; Explain/recount/reflect on experiences and accomplishments.


  • Ab Ed Grant for metal plant identification signs-Aboriginal use and name
  • Bulbs 4 Kids- Lori George’s class only
  • New stone picnic table to start of four Outdoor Classroom #2
  • Birdhouses (and Bat) houses in the Adventures
  • Scope and Sequence for Outdoor Ed-linked to Ab Ed outcomes
  • One Prod- D for Outdoor Ed with Kim Fulton- Spring 2018
  • Earth Week stations with Kim Fulton
  • Mentorship within our teachers for Outdoor Learning
  • School wide outdoor project- mud faces?
  • Hike of the Month in newsletter


  • Student, staff, parent survey
  • Teachers commit to a minimum of 80 minutes of learning outside a month
  • Teachers to develop the answers to the question:“What are the benefits of outdoor education for students?” (exploring the community, self-regulation, engagement, less screen time/more outside time transferring to home…)
  • Generate benefits and investigate methods to collect data.
  • Focus on dressing for the weather- newsletter reminders, classroom letters
  • After a big snowfall-school wide activity
  • Last year of Wild BC School-with Kim Fulton
  • Continued use of our outdoor classroom and the venues within walking distance

Goal #2:

To improve the basic math fact strategies and to improve understanding of critical grade concepts for our students.


Research is showing that too much curriculum time is being spent on process and not enough on computation.  Parents as well as Staff are noticing many of our students do not have the basic math facts memorized and this is impeding their ability to process quickly and reduces their accuracy.  By focusing on critical concepts and using the District wide critical concept learning maps we are hoping to have higher FSA results  and higher results on the Student Numeracy Assessment of Critical Concepts as there will be consistency in strategies, language and process.

Focuses on the Core Competency of thinking;Critical thinking.


  • School has standards for each grade level, each term
  • Utilize the teaching pages from Mathletics (ebooks)
  • Mathletics for grades 1-5
  • Parent Night on  basic math facts-strategies- NHT
  • Target: Math problem of the week-one per week/class


  • 80% mastery on Trevor Calkins-basic facts
  • Graph school results in a four tier graph
  • Special needs students may need adaptations or modification
  • Math Fact Data:   Targets:Tier 1 and Tier 2  reduce to 10% (not meeting and approaching and  Tier 3 and 4- increase to 75% (meeting and exceeding)

Goal #3:

To Increase Respectful Play


Respectful plays means hands off play and following the expectations outlined in the handbook. In 2017-2018, we surveyed and did focus group meetings with parents, staff, student leaders, and all students with the goal of reducing hands on play. With Respectful Play gotchas, some supervision area changes and constant messaging through a variety of communication methods-AES is becoming aware of and targeting respectful play.

Focuses on the Core Competency of Social Responsibility; building relationships


  • School theme for 2018-2019 is Own IT with Kindness
  • Class leaders 3-5 to meet monthly to learn lesson to present to their class on Kindness and/or Respectful play
  • Taming the Worry Dragon
  • Friendship groups
  • SBT
  • Leadership
  • Mini Leaders
  • Feeling Safe Survey in the Fall
  • Zones of Regulation and break bins


  • Office data
  • Class leaders
  • Leadership, grades 4 and 5, criteria that includes profile of a leader- a minimum of  2 office referrals
  • Mini leaders profile for grades 1-3
  • Satisfaction Survey Results