School Fees

School Supplies

The school will be charging a $35 fee to parents for a school purchased supply package. You will not be provided a school supply list and will not need to send in school supplies.

 The reasons for charging a fee are:

1.  To ensure all students have the correct supplies

2.  To ensure all students have supplies

3.  To get the best possible prices (locally) when shopping in bulk.

Therefore, we are asking that parents and guardians, please don’t buy school supplies.  Instead, we will supply them, for a fee.  We ask, instead of buying the supplies, that you pay the school purchased supply fee of $35.  We feel it is important that every child has the proper supplies, and is ready to have a successful year from day one.  Your support (first in not buying supplies and second in paying the school supply fee) is greatly appreciated.  All parents are asked to also pay the $10 planner fee and to provide a pair of running shoes for inside/gym use only – must be able to tie shoes tightly for PE and a set of headphones (use last years) for use with the computers.

There is also a $10 Cultural Performance Fee -The fee is voluntary, but most parents have supported our students and schools by paying the fee.  Thank you.  We will send out more information in the first newsletter in September.

School Fees

GradeSchool suppliesPlanner FeesCultural PerformancesCooking Fee
Grade 1$35$10$10N/A
Grade 2$35$10$10N/A
Grade 3$35$10$10N/A
Grade 4$35$10$10N/A
Grade 5$35$10$10N/A

There will be a reminder and information in the first newsletter of the year.  E-tranfer is available or alternatively send one cheque (for both fees –supply and activity) with your child in early September or bring it directly to the office.  Thank you in advance for your support.