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Armstrong Elementary School Principal’s Message

Welcome to Armstrong Elementary where we believe that every child has the right to learn in a safe and respectful environment. As a staff, we work as a team to enable all of our students to reach their full potential. We deal with behavior in a positive and supportive manner, focusing on restitution practices, and involving students and parents in resolving conflicts.

As one of the neighborhood public schools, we are committed to delivering quality education to all students enrolled in our school. In order to meet the diverse academic and emotional needs of our students. We have developed quality programs, together with our student-centered staff that actively seeks to improve their practices through professional development and collaborative planning. Our school endeavors to meet the individual needs of each student by focusing on differentiated instruction. We desire to build a strong school community. We encourage students to become the person they strive to be through a focus on social responsibility, encouraging respect of self, others, property and learning and by working in partnership with our parents.

Our students are encouraged to become involved in leadership and sports activities and we welcome parents and the community to participate in our school. We have a December musical event, Spring Festival and we celebrate special occasions throughout the year. We have winter recreation equipment (cross country skis and snowshoes) for students to use during the winter and we utilize the local swimming pool and arena for seasonal activities. Our school has a quality music program and we draw on the expertise of our staff and community to provide art and drama opportunities for our students.

We have a focus on healthy living, self-regulation,  WITS, social thinking skills and gratitude as a regular part of our school day. We are an Action School and we also participate in the B.C. Fruit and Vegetables program. Healthy hot lunches are provided by the P.A.C.  as a regular fundraiser. In addition, daily breakfast, run by parents, is available for all students at no cost.

At Armstrong Elementary we work hard to ensure that your child’s school experience is positive and enriching. We have created a community of thoughtful, active learners and we enjoy watching our students grow academically, physically, and emotionally as each year progresses. This current year we are promoting a theme  Own it with Kindness!

Some areas of pride at Armstrong Elementary School:

  •  Respectful and dedicated students who work toward their personal best
  • Professional, caring and hard working staff
  • Supportive parents/caregivers
  • Strong committed Parent Advisory Council (PAC)
  • Reading intervention program
  • Strong sense of community
  • Focus on Outdoor Learning
  • Daily fitness
  • Beautiful heritage school with an adventure playground
  • Outdoor Education Focus
  • Inclusion of special needs students (one of the first schools to pilot in 1981)
  • Fine Arts focus on art and music education
  • Community volunteers to support reading
  •  Focus on Restitution
  • Technology (this year we are transitioning to 2 mobile Chromebook labs for greater student technology access)
  • Service- PV Manor, Kind Letters, food drives, recycling
  • Maypole
  • Leadership, Special Assemblies (Remembrance, Pink Shirt, Orange Shirt, Helping Hands)
  • Visits to the Community (Fire hall, Museum, Vet, Post Office, Parks)
  • Promoting Social Responsibility and Leadership
  • Student improvement goals focus on numeracy, outdoor learning, and respectful play

Corrinne Langston