Basketball at AES

Basketball Schedules Mr. Belec

Greetings and welcome to the 2020 Basketball season. My name is Richard Belec and I will be coaching your child’s team. My goal for the year is not only to teach your child the game of Basketball and improve his skills but to also instil teamwork, discipline, fair play, respect for officials, opponents and self, and the nature of honourable competition.

        In order to have a successful and rewarding season, there is a certain level of behaviour that will have to be maintained for each team member. First and foremost, each student must keep up with his academic studies, as we will be spending a lot of time on and off the court.

Secondly, each athlete is expected to act in a dignified manner while representing our school at AES as well as on the road. It is important to be punctual for all practices, games, meetings or events. I would appreciate notices ahead of time if there are to be any discrepancies. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact me at 546-8778.

Practices:   Mondays       2:15 – 3:30

Wednesdays  lunch time

Lastly, throughout the season we will be playing some away games at other schools. Parent drivers will be needed who have all the necessary paperwork completed, (criminal record check, driver’s abstract, etc.) if they are driving students other than their own. We will need several of these drivers to transport our players or we will have to cancel all away games. Please indicate on the attached form if you have completed this or are in the process of completing.

Games:      Dates and locations to be announced later.

Basketball Schedules Mrs. Brown

Girls Basket Ball starts this Thursday, January 16 and runs to Thursday, March 5.
Practices are:
Tuesdays  2:00- 3:30 Thursdays: 2:00- 3:30  
Two games are scheduled:
Thursday, Feb 20     2:15-3:30 at AES & Thursday March 5  2:15-3:30 at AES
Thank-you, S. Brown


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