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Welcome to the Armstrong Elementary School PAC

PAC Executive

Pam Rennie – President
Rachel Klassen – Co-Chair; Director
Kaitlyn Fulljames -Treasurer
Laura Smutylo – Secretary

Carlyn Monforton – Director

Nicole Shore – Breakfast Club

Ainslynn Hamston, Madison Reynolds, Rachel Klassen – PAC Facebook admins/moderators

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Meeting Schedule: 2021-22

September 21 Zoom

October 6 In person- AES library 6 pm

November 3- AES library 6 pm

December 1- Zoom 6 pm

February 2 Zoom 6 pm

March 2- AES library 6 pm

April 6- AES library 6 pm

May 4- AES library 6 pm

June 1- AES library 6 pm

Welcome to Armstrong Elementary PAC!

Do you know what ‘PAC’ is?

PAC is a Parent Advisory Council forum within each school to discuss matters affecting your school and the education of your children. The School Act gives parents the right, through PACs, to assume an advisory role in every school. PAC is the officially recognized collective voice of parents.

Who is the Parent Advisory Council at AES? – It is You!

All parents and guardians of students registered in the school are able to participate as a member of the PAC. A PAC, through its elected officers, may advise the school board, the principal, and staff respecting any matter brought by you relating to the school and the education of the students.  YOUR voices are a tremendous value to our school. You can offer a wealth of ideas and support in how our school is run!

When does PAC meet? And who can attend?

The Parent Advisory Council usually meets in the library at 6pm on the first Wednesday of every month. Some meetings this year will be virtual ZOOM as per posted schedule. The meetings run no later than 7:30pm. PAC meetings provide opportunities for Parents, Guardians, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins (you get the picture) to learn more about their school by asking questions and bringing ideas. We discuss issues of importance and funding activities to enhance our student’s education.  Our PAC meetings are friendly and open to discussion. As well as our monthly agenda items, we hear an overview report of the month from Ms. Langston our Principal and a month’s review from the perspective of a teacher.  PAC meetings are a good way to keep in touch with current events and build your knowledge of the education your student is receiving here at AES.
Please bring your voice to the meeting!

A common concern we hear are that parents do not feel like they are heard. This is because many concerns and suggestions are not brought forward to PAC or the school administration. PAC can communicate the process to resolve your inquiries and concerns with the school and PAC. You do not have to attend EVERY Meeting but it is a great benefit to all of the students and our council to have input from a range of voices.

Cannot attend a meeting? – Not a problem! You can contact PAC in various ways. Email  You can message a PAC executive director through Facebook AES Parent Advisory Council or you can call the school ( 250-546-8778 ) and ask for a PAC member to contact you.

Volunteering Opportunities

We strive to represent the diversity within our school and through fundraising provide students with ‘In the Moment Activities’ that enhance the education of all students.  We cannot rely on the elected directors to do this alone. Volunteering is the lifeblood of our PAC we rely on and require your help in being present at events, social activities, and fundraising help.  We have Seasonal and Annual fundraisers that go fully towards supporting our ‘In the Moment’ theme.

I want to volunteer but I don’t have time to take on a big project.

Not a problem at all! Many hands make light work. The first step is to reach out and let us know that you want to be involved. Any Volunteer assistance is appreciated. It is all vital to achieving the goals of PAC and the school community. There are many ways to volunteer whether you have an hour a month or an hour a day or you only have a onetime opportunity. There are also many activities that can be done away from the school that would be of great benefit to our programs and events. Don’t worry! By signing up you won’t be giving up every ounce of your spare time!

Where do I find more information about PAC? 

Our PAC information board which is updated monthly is located by main entrance on the immediate right. Here you will find a monthly calendar, volunteer opportunities and up to date PAC activities. Each month PAC will also send out a newsletter which will arrive by email, this will also give you up to date PAC information, upcoming dates and a quick run down from the previous meeting.

PAC Mission Statement

Our mission is to get more parents actively involved with our school and make this school the best it can be. We encourage teamwork between parents, teachers and students! The time you volunteer with your child’s school benefits your children, yourself and your community’s future!
We have monthly meetings throughout the school year, so drop in and hear what’s going on, or email us if you want to know anything.
We want our children to learn in a safe, fun and supportive environment.
Please plan to attend our annual Open House, Festivals, Family Events and join your child whenever you can with other activities they are involved in!
If we all communicate together we can do great things for our school!!

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