Armstrong Elementary Covid 19 Potential Exposure

February 7, 2021

RE: School Community Member Tested Positive for COVID-19

School Exposure: February, 1, 2, 4, and 5, 2021

Dear Staff and Families,

A member of the Armstrong school community has tested positive for COVID-19. They are self-isolating at home with support from local public health teams.

We are supporting Interior Health Authority as they undertake contact tracing to determine if any other members of our school community were in contact with the person who tested positive for COVID-19, and if any additional steps are required. We are following the protocol established for these circumstances:

  • The health authority is performing contact tracing;
  • The health authority will determine if anyone in the school community was in contact with the person who tested positive for COVID-19 while they were potentially infectious;
  • The health authority will determine if anyone in the school community is a close contact that is required to self-isolate

Only the health authority can determine who is a close contact.

If you are contacted by Interior Health Authority, please follow their advice.  I have personally phoned, left a phone message, and emailed anyone who must self isolate.

If you are not contacted by Interior Health Authority, or myself as directed by Interior Health,  it has been determined that you or your child is not at risk of developing COVID-19.

To ensure personal privacy rights are maintained, we will not be providing additional details.

The safety and well-being of our students, families and staff remains our highest priority. Please be reassured that our school will continue to implement the strict protocols and procedures we have in place so that children and staff can continue to attend school as safely as possible.

Students should continue to come to school while contact tracing is underway. As a reminder, please continue daily health checks to monitor your child or yourself (staff) for illness.

We will continue to work closely with Interior Health Authority to provide ongoing communication as required.

If you have questions or concerns about COVID-19, please call 811.


Corrinne Langston (Principal)

*This chart above is located in the “COVID-19 Protocols for School and District Administrators” document

Updated Health Checks

Under the advice of the Ministry of Health & Education, the daily health check list which parents have asked to do each day has been updated, and School District is adopting the new check list for Tuesday, October 13th.

Superintendent/CEO Peter Jory notes, “A number of symptoms have been dropped from the revised list, as these were determined to have little or no statistical connection to the frequency of positive COVID-19 tests.”

He adds, “Some districts went to the new form right away. We did decide to delay for a couple of weeks as some parents and staff were attached to the previous list, and we wanted a just little more time for stakeholders to hear and digest the provincial messaging”.

Our schools and the Parent Connect interface will be using the updated check lists starting on Tuesday. Parents and guardians are asked to review this information daily and respond appropriately.

The new check list is as follows:

If you answered “YES” to any of the above symptoms, and they are not related to a pre-existing condition (e.g. allergies), your child should NOT attend school.

If only one symptom (excluding fever) is present: your child should stay home and can self-monitor/be monitored for 24 hours from when the symptom started. If the symptom continues past that window or worsens, seek a health assessment. If the symptom improves, your child may return to school when they feel well enough.

If your child has a fever, or if two or more key symptoms are present: seek a health assessment. A health assessment can include calling 811 or a
primary care provider like a physician or nurse practitioner – the assessment will determine whether a COVID-19 test is recommended.

2. International travel
Have you returned from travel outside Canada in the last 14 days?

3. Confirmed Contact
Are you a confirmed contact of a person confirmed to have a case of COVID-19?

If you answered “YES” to questions 2 or 3, or if you’re worried about new symptoms you’ve identified, use the COVID-19 Self-Assessment Tool or call 811 to determine if you should seek testing for COVID-19.

After a period of illness, when is it safe to return to school?
If a COVID-19 test has been recommended, follow the guidance provided by the health professional you’re working with (guidelines also listed in BC
Centre for Disease Control link below). If a COVID-19 test is not recommended by the health assessment, your child can return to school when symptoms improve and they feel well enough to do so.

PDF version of form available here

SD83 would like to make our parents and communities aware that any notification and tracing of COVID-19 would be done by the health experts at Interior Health.

Interior Health has many resources on their website which parents may wish to view including:

Trusted Information about COVID-19

A list of public COVID-19 exposures in Interior Health

A list of school exposures

Protocols for school and district administrators to follow if there is a confirmed cases have been detailed by the Ministry of Education. Click here to view.

Ministry of Education Management of Illness and Confirmed Cases

Information from the BC Centre for Disease Control

Early Dismissal Day

Just a reminder that Thursday, November 19th is an Early Dismissal Day for all SD83 elementary schools (except for Falkland which if Feb. 26), plus Carlin and Len Wood Middle Schools.

This time will be used for teachers to facilitate formal goal-setting conferences with students and parents. Most conferences will occur via video chats or phone calls.

Parents will receive information from their child’s school about conference times, conference format, and early dismissal times (all participating schools will dismiss 3 hours earlier than normal and buses will run 3 hours earlier than their regular schedule). Dismissal time at AES is 11:07 am. If you have any questions please contact the principal at your child’s school.

Just a heads-up, with so many things now being done by telephone or online, SD83 has added additional capacity to enable district staff to call parents through the use of Microsoft Teams phones. Rather than showing on call display as SD83 or your child’s school, these calls may show up as No Caller ID and may show up on your call display as (236) 600 – 9089.

Please answer as it will be a teacher attempting to contact you.
Still not comfortable answering these calls? We have asked teachers to leave a message. Please make sure your voice mailbox is not full so they can leave a message.  Thanks!