Cold Weather Plans at AES

An expected cold snap provides an opportunity to share the AES cold weather plans.

When the temperature reaches around -10 degrees Celsius we consider the need for inside recess and lunch break times and the need for children to come into the school prior to 8:03 bell or to remain inside until buses arrive afterschool.  There are also other factors like wind, windbreaks (trees), and moisture that impact the decision. Inside or outside day information is communicated through signs on doors, and on PA announcements. The Principal and other staff are outside with students during cold outside times so we can keep track of how students are handling the weather, and reassess if students need to come back into the building.

Please ensure your children are prepared for cold winter weather with suitable clothing, a warm jacket, mitts, hats, boots. This way they can enjoy the outside winter conditions and they are prepared for walking to school and home.