Back to School Information

1. Office Hours

The school office will be open from 8:30 – 2:30, starting Monday, August 26th. Our secretary (Ms. Brown) and principal (Ms. Langston) will be busy preparing for a new school year and welcoming any parents/students who wish to stop by and say hello.

2. First Week of School

GRADE 1-5 STUDENTS will start school on Tuesday, September 3rd with an early dismissal at 11:00am.

  • RETURNING STUDENTS should line-up at last year’s outside line up area when the welcoming bell rings at 8:03 am. Teachers will bring student into the school and classrooms. The students will spend the first day in their last year’s classrooms, so we can determine who has moved away and who has recently registered.
  • NEW STUDENTS should report to the office when the welcoming bell rings at 8:03 am. From there they will be directed to the library with Ms. Manduca for our new student orientation.

Most likely, on Wednesday, Grade 1-5 students will be able to go to their classrooms for the year and meet their teacher(s). Class lists will be posted outside the parking lot entrance of the school when complete.

KINDERGARTEN STUDENTS will begin their Gradual Entry on Wednesday, September 4th. Kindergarten families received a welcome package at the Kindergarten Orientation Day in May. We have made a few updates to the gradual entry schedule to correspond with our new bell schedule. To view please visit Kindergarten Gradual Entry Schedule

3. School Supplies

Families with children in grades 1-3 do not need to purchase school supplies. The school has purchased school supplies, and families are charged a School Supply Fee to cover the cost of the supplies used over the course of the year. In grades Kindergarten and 4 & 5 we ask that parent purchase the school supplies. Please click here for the supply lists.



Supply lists are also posted on the windows by our parking lot entrance. In preparation for the first day, students will need to have a backpack and a clean pair of indoor runners (with non-marking soles) and personal computer headphones however we have  headphones students may borrow. Below is a link to Armstong Elementary School Supply Fee schedule for 2019-2020.


Have a wonderful summer, and we are looking forward to seeing all of the students’ smiling faces, in September!